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DesignSpark Mechanical 8.1

Creates and customizes dimensioned worksheets
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Generate and modify the content and structure of dimensioned worksheets in the dedicated environment with 3D design capabilities and a set of tools for placing and adjusting the shape and size of models. Importing components from the Allied Electronics 3D library is possible.

DesignSpark Mechanical is a mechanical CAD software that offers users the means to put their creativity to work and create innovative 3D objects. The program is free of charge, has a built-in library, it's easy to install and it's continuously updated.

After you start the program, you discover that it has a modern-looking interface, with a nice blue theme, well-delimited page areas and a Help menu with rich features. Still, it misses some extra theme choices and navigation through the menu sometimes feels clunky.

DesignSpark Mechanical puts at the users' disposal a wide range of editing tools, offers access to the built-in library, and allows importing of 3D models in the RSDOC format for use in the existing DesignSpark Mechanical projects.

With this program, users are able to create a Bill-of-Materials with just a mouse click and receive quotes with live prices and stock information through the RS online. Moreover, it supports a wide variety of industry file formats, such as STL, SKP, OBJ, or AutoCAD DXF.

To summarize, DesignSpark Mechanical offers a fair amount of features and functions for a free product. It's far from perfect, it's clearly oriented towards professionals, but it's a nice addition to this domain.

John Saunders
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  • Supports formats like TL, SKP, OBJ, or AutoCAD DXF
  • Can import 3D models in the RSDOC format
  • Supports creation of Bill-of-Materials


  • Has a clunky menu navigation
  • Misses extra-theme choices
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